3 Reasons Why Customers Turn to My Phillie Wireless

1. For Our Rapid Phone Repair Services

Rather than wait in line to be seen by a technician or having to take time out of your day to schedule an appointment just to receive a diagnosis on your damaged device, My Phillie Wireless offers fast and efficient iPhone repairs in Philadelphia, PA. No matter if your smartphone’s screen is cracked or the device has obtained water damage, our highly-skilled repair technicians guarantee they’re equipped with the tools and technologies to take on any phone repair.

 All of My Phillie Wireless Repair Services Offer Our Customers:

●     Free Device Diagnosis

Rather than charging our customers to tell them what’s wrong with their mobile device, our technicians offer a complimentary diagnosis. Not only does this save our customers money, but it provides them the opportunity to consider purchasing one of our PhoneCheck Certified pre-owned devices and potentially upgrading their phone for less than the cost of fixing their broken phone.

●     Loaner Phones

We would hate for our valued customer to be without a means of communication while their damaged device is in our care, which is why My Phillie Wireless offers temporary loaner phones to keep you connected while you wait for your repair to be ready for pickup.

●     Risk-Free Repair Guarantee

With My Phillie Wireless, you’ll never have to worry about paying for an unsuccessful repair. In the event that your device is beyond repair, it won’t cost you a cent. That’s right. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. This is just another way our company strives to earn the reputation as Philadelphia’s most trusted smartphone and electronic repairs professionals.

●     Lifetime Warranties

Unlike most of our competitors, all repairs completed by My Phillie Wireless come with a Lifetime Warranty to ensure the quality of our work and our dedication to providing our customers with VIP treatment and the highest level of customer service. 

●     Multi-Issue Discounts

If your device is damaged in multiple aspects, rather than running up your repair tab, My Phillie Wireless offers discounts to customers whose phones have received damage in more than one area. This repair service perk not only saves our customers money, but saves them time from having to make multiple trips to the store for a multitude of repairs.

2. To Purchase Affordable Electronics

Aside from My Phillie Wireless’ comprehensive repair services, we also offer an impressive line of the latest electronics to hit the retail market, and an impressive selection of factory unlocked Apple and Samsung smartphones, all of which are competitively discounted and 100% PhoneCheck certified pre-owned devices.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a discounted iPhone, AppleWatch, iPad, or even the newest Xbox console, My Phillie Wireless guarantees that our prices can’t be beaten by any of our local competition.

If any of our customers can prove that any of our competitors offer one of our products at a lower price, we’ll match it! We want our customers to know that they’re getting the best value each time they turn to My Phillie Wireless.

3. For Reliable Unlocking Services

We understand that at times, our customers get frustrated with the costs of their carriers’ traditional annual contracts and seek out an alternative means of cost-effective cellular communication. For this reason, My Phillie Wireless is the area’s most trusted source for cell phone unlocking services in Philadelphia. Our highly-skilled technicians have the tools and technologies required to unlock your iPhone from your current carrier so that it is compatible to work with any GSM carrier around the globe!

This not only provides customers with the opportunity to save money by lowering the costs of their monthly phone bills but more importantly, the freedom to choose which plan fits their budget best. Our team will even work with your cellular carrier to get your unlocked phone activated by your carrier and help you keep your same phone number.

Why Partner with My Phillie Wireless?

With My Phillie Wireless, the satisfaction of our customers has and always will take priority over profits. Our company’s belief is that by offering our repair expertise as well as a wide variety of discounted phones and electronics, we’re not only taking care of our customers’ needs but also serving as a trusted resource for the entire Philadelphia community. 

To find out more information about My Phillie Wireless and all of our services offered in North Philadelphia, give us a call or send a text to 267-423-3598 or fill out a contact form through our website.

Sean McAllister