Reasons to Get a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan When Traveling Abroad

If you’re planning to travel abroad soon, then you’re probably wondering what to do about your cell phone situation so that you can still easily get in touch with your family and friends without having to break the bank or risk your security. At My Phillie Wireless, we recommend choosing a prepaid cell phone plan. While we can fix cracked iPhone screens for people throughout Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, we can also provide safe and affordable prepaid plans that will meet your needs. Take a look at why you should consider a prepaid cell phone plan when traveling abroad.

No Hidden Fees

With prepaid plans, you pay for your cell phone before using it, so there will be no hidden fees. Each month, you’ll pay for the upcoming 30 days of service, so it’s not possible to go over the allotted amount of texts, minutes, or data. If you run out, you can switch your plan to include more texts, minutes, or data.

Freedom to Switch to Any Carrier

Prepaid plans offer you the freedom to go to any carrier at any moment without having to worry about cancellation fees or penalties. You’ll be able to cancel your service without any fees and still keep your phone number. Locking yourself into a two-year contract with a big name cell phone provider means that you’d have to pay a hefty fee to cancel it. With a prepaid plan, you can avoid that! My Phillie Wireless even uses the same the same phone towers as all of the major providers, so you’ll never have to worry about losing cellular reception after switching to a pre-paid cellphone plan with My Phillie Wireless.

No Credit or Personal Information Required

Selecting a prepaid cell phone plan from My Phillie Wireless requires no credit or any of your personal information. And since you’ll be able to get an affordable, certified pre-owned phone, you won’t have to worry about your current phone getting stolen. A prepaid plan is possibly the safest option to choose when traveling to another country.

All in all, you want to be safe and smart when traveling abroad. We believe the best option you can choose in regards to your cell phone is finding the right prepaid plan for you. Whether you’re looking for a prepaid plan or to repair an iPhone’s cracked back in or near Philadelphia, PA, you can count on us at My Phillie Wireless. Give us a call or send a text to 267-423-3598 today!

Sean McAllister