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Add Repair Service to Shopping Cart and Check out as If Buying a Product.


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Ship Us Your Broken Device. No Need to Call. You'll Receive an Email Confirmation of Your Order.


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We Repair Your Device, Request Payment and Send It Back to You. 



In most cases, we will cross-ship warranty replacements for defective parts and tools. This simply means that we will send you a replacement item and we expect to receive the defective item back.

In some cases, we may require you to ship the failed item back to us before we send your replacement. To cross-ship, we must have a valid credit card number on file to cover any incidentals. If we do not receive the defective product back after 30 days from the date you receive the replacement, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the retail price of the non-returned product.

We’ll match your expedited shipping method within 7 days of your receipt of purchase. Afterward, we reserve the right to choose the shipping method we use to send the replacement item.

Domestic: If you are in the United States, we will send a prepaid shipping label to you along with the replacement product so you can send the defective product back to us.